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Davide Mascagni

Davide Mascagni mainly deals with corporate law transactions in support of both Italian and international companies, including real estate, also working on behalf of structured managers and advises on civil and commercial matters. A lawyer and Notary Public since 2016, he is a founder member of the Practice in Milan since 2018.

He holds a PhD in Commercial Law from the University of Milan, and has collaborated with the Max-Planck-Institut für Ausländisches und Internationales Privatrecht in Hamburg and with the Legal Studies Office of Consob.

As a member of the British Chamber of Commerce for Italy and of Notaries of Europe, he is the author of various contributions and working papers on business and corporate matters.

Languages spoken: English, French and German.


Notary of the Year 2023

Davide Mascagni has been recognized as Notary of the Year 2023 for the modern attitude of the notary office and the professionalism of its founder.

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